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-our mission-

Our mind is a powerful tool that dictates our every move. Aside from our physical self, our brain can construct a variety of emotions that channel into our daily life. Instead of living a life governed by our emotions, we can choose to take control and dictate our thoughts.

our mission

This is a safe space, to not only write your story but to share it. Whether it has your signature beneath or remains in anonymity your voice deserves to be heard. Beyond being seen you deserve to join the conversation, be a part of the dialogue. 

Biweekly there is a prompt given, which trickles into the theme for the month. Entries can include a journal entry, poetry, sharing life lessons, and storytelling. Any forms of writing beyond that are also welcome and appreciated. We ask a minimum of 25 words and a maximum of 1000.

how it works 

Our goal is to see a wide array of writing on the topic, sharing of lessons, and gathering empathy for one another. So we can start becoming less human and more being. 

Everyone is welcome to submit their work into the submission section. The highlighted work will be shared on the website and the social media pages as well. If the person wishes to stay anonymous then should not submit their name with their work.

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If you are ever looking to being a part of the blog feel free to reach out through email!

-how it works-
-continue the conversation-
-join our team-
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